Featured Designer: The Campana Brothers

12 Jan

The most prolific, and probably the most famous designers ever to hail from South America are the Campana Brothers. Humberto Campana studied Law, while his brother Fernando took-up Architecture. Nevertheless, their passion for the creative paved way for them to work instead in a joint studio at Sao Paulo, Brazil — a sort of converted garage where they turn mundane objects into design pieces (or art if you may).

Favela chair

Vermelha chair

Even before all those upcycled-slash-recycled-slash-repurposed products came into trend, the brothers were probably one of the very firsts to do it by using discarded materials and wastes in their creations.

Anemonas chair

Sushi sofa


Their designs border in the arts and in the mass-produced. And in some instances, these products do not function as it should be at all. Nonetheless, they’ve made such a significant contribution to contemporary mass-manufactured products and limited-edition designs that we’ll just let them be excused for doing so.

Corallo chair

Banquet chair

Blow-up basket


Their works are inspired by nature, the urban kitsch, and the Brazilian culture. From these churns out designs that bring out the beautiful in the ugly. It is just fascinating how they can turn waste objects into something unexpected, joyful and exuberant that genuinely shouts Brazil, as well their loving yet frank social commentary on their beloved country.

Cipria sofa



2 Responses to “Featured Designer: The Campana Brothers”

  1. Miss Nena Rose January 16, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    A bit ‘out-there’ but would be great statement pieces in the right houses


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    […] the Campana’s Studio was absolutely amazing. It was small, humble, half indoors/half out (ideal in my mind!). There were […]

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